Bejeweled Breakfast Dessert

Maple Granola Crunch

Paleo Bread – World’s best!

Raw Choccy Milkshake

Warm Quinoa Porridge

Shak Shouka

Kale-fornication Green Juice

Power Parfait Perfection

Protein Colada


Crispy Pizza Italiano

Bad Boy Burger Beast


Dates in a Blanket

Sugar-free Cranberry sauce

Sage Bisketto

Luscious Guacamole

Treen’s Famous Nut Crackers


Cacao Droplets

Choc Coco Nut Cookies

Gluten Free Carrot Cake

Lamington Squares

Primal Fruit Mince Pies

Raw Chocolate Mousse Pudding

Skinny Jeans Brownie

Raw Sexy Sesame Dip

Chai Cupcakes (grain-free)

Coconut Milk Icecream

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  1. […] out wholefood resources on the Internet. I particularly  like Alexx Stuart,   Sprouted Kitchen, Hot Pink Chilli (run by my friend Jodi, who is an earth angel, I’m sure!), and Stone Soup.  (Oh dear! Now that […]

  2. […] Hot Pink Chili. Untangled eating… straight out of the nourishing kitchen of a hot pink chilli with the help of my Thermomix. I ♥ to eat REAL food: sometimes raw, […]

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