10 Minute Icecream

I bowed to the marketing pressure and bought one of those groovy little icecream makers which makes (depending on where you live…) frozen paddle pops/ice lollies/icicles/popsicles in 10 minutes – help a foodie out here, what are they even called? I woke up with a sore throat this morning and thought a frozen smoothie would hit … Continue reading

PB & J Pancakes

Growing up we had a fabulously flamboyant Texan friend who was the epitome of Southern American cliché. His name was Uncle Hayseed (yep, that’s legit!) and he was never seen dressed in anything else other than denim jeans, crocodile leather cowboy boots, solid gold belt buckle bejewelled with real diamonds, rubies and sapphires, his crisp white … Continue reading

Dairy Free Custard

It’s a bit rainy and chilly here on the ‘Unshine Coast’  today so what better way to warm up than with some afternoon custard?! This is one of those embarrassingly easy recipes which makes me feel like a bit of a fraud since all I did was swap ingredients out from the “Every Day Cookbook” … Continue reading

Taco Seasoning

I LOVE Mexican food. I’m sure the versions that I eat are not authentic but jalapenos, sour cream and lashings of avocado? What’s not to love?! Unfortunately the commercially available spice mixes are nothing more than chemical cocktails that induce my asthma, make me tired, cranky, give me bad skin to name a few so … Continue reading

1-1-1 Anzac Biscuits

I’m definitely not one of those blogs that jumps on every hallmark card bandwagon creating recipes for each and every holiday BUT Anzac Day is a bit special… mostly because I’ve lived in Australia for 10 years, we now have 2 Australian children and I became a citizen 4 years ago, on Australia Day. Coming from Africa, … Continue reading

Make your own yoghurt

Yoghurt is fermented milk, fermented by live cultures – good bacteria which feed off the sugars in milk making it an easily digestible whole, live food. That said, yoghurt should contain only 2 ingredients: milk and bacteria (aka cultures, probiotics, good pathogens). Commercially made yoghurt by giant so-called food companies can contain anywhere up to … Continue reading

How to Quit Sugar

One particular family holiday stands as the one when we ate. And ate. And… ate! I was 14 years old and had my first experience with self-induced, over-indulgent vomiting. Yeuch! I just remember eating non-stop on all the good stuff. Chocolate bars, pastries, ‘caramel’ chocolate, more junk food that was safe to consume in probably … Continue reading

Coconut Lime Chicken

The heavy metal detox my dentist put me on since having my amalgams removed includes pretty much the most satisfying and best tasting food I’ve ever eaten since I’m getting 60-70% of my calories from fat. Not any old fat, the good stuff: avocado, raw cream, grass fed butter, pasture fed bacon, coconut oil, grass … Continue reading

Grain Free Doughnuts

  I stumbled upon the original version of this recipe on my news feed the other day. Stumbled is too soft a word, it more like slapped me in the face, in a good way! I tried making some donuts over Chanukkah but even I would say that it was not a raging success… so … Continue reading

‘Chrismakkah’ Zucchini Latkes (egg free)

The short version? My dad’s Jewish, my mom converted to Judaism before they got married, my brother and I were born and still are Jewish, my parents became Messianic Jews when I was 6 years old, I had a Bat Mitzvah at the age of 12, married a gorgeous Christian guy in a Jewish ceremony, … Continue reading