Strawberries and Cream Smoothie

I ❤ to lift weights, heavy weights.  The only cardio I do is to lift weights faster! A lot of the nutrition research I do revolves around how to eat to fuel your workout – when’s the best time and what’s the best way to eat carbs, protein, fats for maximum bang for your buck … Continue reading

Raw Snickers Bars

So these are amazeballs, let’s just get to it already. I mean, within an hour of receiving the email from Changing Habits with this recipe in it, I had already whipped up a batch for dessert for Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashanah. (That’s how long I’ve been meaning to post this for. Since last September! … Continue reading

I hate balance!

And while we’re at it, I can’t stand the word ‘journey’! *shudder* After my gap year in France I returned absolutely fluent in French and although I’m now ‘un petit peu’ rusty, my strong command of it continually shows up the English language as sorely lacking for expressive adjectives, French is just so… well, sexy! … Continue reading

‘It’s Peachy’ Salad with Peanut Pesto Dressing & a giveaway!

When I was a kid we used to give our gorgeous doe-eyed Rottweiller, Lady, peanut butter to eat. Not because Lady had protein requirements… but for pure entertainment! Have you ever seen a dog eat peanut butter? It’s hilarious!!! Now of course I’m not advocating, what is clearly, short-sighted & childish humour (cos I’m sooooooo grown … Continue reading

Taco Seasoning

I LOVE Mexican food. I’m sure the versions that I eat are not authentic but jalapenos, sour cream and lashings of avocado? What’s not to love?! Unfortunately the commercially available spice mixes are nothing more than chemical cocktails that induce my asthma, make me tired, cranky, give me bad skin to name a few so … Continue reading

Coconut Lime Chicken

The heavy metal detox my dentist put me on since having my amalgams removed includes pretty much the most satisfying and best tasting food I’ve ever eaten since I’m getting 60-70% of my calories from fat. Not any old fat, the good stuff: avocado, raw cream, grass fed butter, pasture fed bacon, coconut oil, grass … Continue reading

‘Chrismakkah’ Zucchini Latkes (egg free)

The short version? My dad’s Jewish, my mom converted to Judaism before they got married, my brother and I were born and still are Jewish, my parents became Messianic Jews when I was 6 years old, I had a Bat Mitzvah at the age of 12, married a gorgeous Christian guy in a Jewish ceremony, … Continue reading

Grain Free Chicken Nuggets

Depending on which blog circles you run in 😉 you may, or may not know about Natural New Age Mum’s “Just Say NO To Chicken Nuggets” campaign? The gist of it is to help you to easily make your own chicken nuggets rather than feeding your family the junk masquerading around as food by fast … Continue reading

Bobba’s Shak Shouka

I’ve always preferred the casual approach of no-measure-taste-as-you-go cooking. Consequently, as a food blogger, I find it stifling having to measure accurately so that my recipes can become fail-proof successes in your kitchens. This became all the more obvious on making breakfast the other morning. All of a sudden it turned into my next blog … Continue reading

The Burger Beast

“What on EARTH do you eat then?” Boy, if I had a dollar… yeah, cos bread is the ONLY food ‘group’ on the planet. All you need is a little imagination! If you think about it, bread is just a means to hold together potentially healthy fillings, a pizza base is the gateway to unlimited … Continue reading