Honey Nougat

We bought our house after looking though it for 5 minutes – it was only the 2nd one we’d looked at. We buy brand new cars without test driving them. Last year we flew to Fiji on Christmas day with 2 weeks notice. We’re impulsive like that. With slightly less financial investment, this nougat popped up on my … Continue reading

Red Hot Chocolate Lava Puddings & a giveaway!

Clearly I don’t take valentines day very seriously, I never really have. Maybe it’s because I met my husband at 17 and we’ve been blissfully together ever since… or that I’d rather buy chocolate for myself than for anyone else! Jason, one half of the mother/son team who manufacture Seatonfire Chocolate offered me a great … Continue reading

1-1-1 Anzac Biscuits

I’m definitely not one of those blogs that jumps on every hallmark card bandwagon creating recipes for each and every holiday BUT Anzac Day is a bit special… mostly because I’ve lived in Australia for 10 years, we now have 2 Australian children and I became a citizen 4 years ago, on Australia Day. Coming from Africa, … Continue reading

Grain Free Doughnuts

  I stumbled upon the original version of this recipe on my news feed the other day. Stumbled is too soft a word, it more like slapped me in the face, in a good way! I tried making some donuts over Chanukkah but even I would say that it was not a raging success… so … Continue reading

Planning a Healthy kid’s Party – Part 1

I am one of those annoyingly organised mothers who takes great delight and joy in planning my kid’s parties. That’s actually an understatement. It’s my calling, my happy place, something that absolutely love to do! I get it from my Mom who set the bar really high, she once made me a mini golf cake … Continue reading

Grain Free Sandwich Bread

I’m undone with this one. It’s not an original recipe – just a tweak or 2, why would you change something so perfect?! Full credit must go to Loving Our Guts for this beautiful recipe – it appears foolproof too, bonus! What’s even better about this bread is the fact that it’s nut-free! Eating grain-free … Continue reading

Rhubarb Crumble

Being a Domestic Engineer with a self-employed husband somewhat dulls the excitement of public holidays. As one of my newest Hot Pink Chilli customers said to me today: “Today’s just another day for me”. Add rain and icy wind to the mix and you’ve got yourself one cabin-fevered Mama and a stir-crazy family with nothing … Continue reading

The Best Cupcake Recipe ever!

Photo Credit for the feature photo: Kirk  & Treens Photography It dawned on me this morning that I’ve been holding out on you. I’m sorry. I can’t even remember where on earth I found this recipe but I’ve been using it for years and every single time I make them I get multiple compliments! “Who … Continue reading

Chai Cupcakes

Decent cupcakes are generally a lost cause when you eat gluten-free. Prospects become increasingly dismal when you throw in that fact that you eat grain-free too. Well, I am here to tell you: Prospects… be dismal no more! Enter the loveliness of Farmer K’s Chai Cupcakes. No, that is not a typo, it’s Chai, not … Continue reading

Guest Post: Farmer K’s Kitchen’s GF Paleo Bread

Some of you may know me as “Treens”, the name I use to sign off at the end of a post I have written on Hot Pink Chilli. I guess you could say that I am the other hot pink chilli alongside Jodi!  🙂 We both started HPC as a place for us to write … Continue reading