Pink Lemonade & a Giveaway!

My lovely husband is outnumbered. We have 2 very girly daughters, even our puppy is a girl, that’s 4 to 1. Everything in our house is pink! Gender-biased much? Yes… and I do realise I chose to call my blog “Hot Pink Chilli” – I succumbed to ALL THE PINK!

Pink LemonadeSo has this lemonade – which goes down like a home-sick mole by the way! Finding a quality fruit juice proved challenging. Every brand offers that little something extra: ‘natural flavours’, reconstituted juice made from local & imported ingredients (read: dodgy concentrate from heavily pesticided fruit grown in China!) with smatterings of additive numbers just for good measure! Enter… Emma & Toms! Their juice is made from real fruit, ground breaking huh 😉 They also boast no added sugar, no additives, no preservatives or other nasties. Juice made from real fruit, yay! From the horse’s mouth:

“Over the years fruit juice has been given a bad wrap, with many nutritionists stating that fruit juice is low in fibre compared to eating pieces of whole fruit. This is because most fruit juice contains only the juice from the fruit, not the flesh, and the juice is pasteurised (heated) for a long time to give it a longer shelf life. A lot of juice is also made from concentrate where most of the nutrition has been boiled out.”

Being so fresh & natural, it posed a challenge – giving away juice, so we’ve decided it’d be easier to give away a box of their amazeballs raw Emma & Toms Life Bars! A mixed box of 12 with flavours like Cacao & Coffee Bean, Cacao & Coconut, Lemon & Fig (gimme!), Banana, Cherry & Goji and my fave… Cacao & Orange, mmmmm come to mama! To be in the giveaway all you have to go do is:

  1. Be a subscriber to my blog
  2. Leave a comment on this post telling us which flavour you are most looking forward to trying!
    ~This Giveaway is now closed~

DSC_6928Pink Lemonade

  • 2 x 450ml Emma & Tom’s “Raspberry Quencher”
  • 1.25l Soda Water
  1. Mix soda water and Raspberry juice together in a magnificent glass jug, with lashings of fresh mint, lemon slices and a ton of ice, delish!

Refreshment in a jar

* Giveaway Conditions

  1. Only open for postage within Australia
  2. Must be a Hot Pink Chilli blog subscriber
  3. Winner will be drawn at random using
  4. Winner will be notified by email (check your junk mail folder!) If no contact back within 48 hours, it will be redrawn
  5. Giveaway ends Midnight, Friday 24th Jan.
34 Responses to “Pink Lemonade & a Giveaway!”
  1. Naomi Simmonds says:

    I’m a sucker for chocolate and orange – cacao and orange sounds delish.

  2. Cocoa and Coffee Bean… perfect for a 3pm pick-me-up!

  3. Pru says:

    I hear you on the pink Lady! It’s a bit pink around here as well 😉
    Fig and Lemon!!!

  4. Christine Best says:

    Ooh cacao and orange…yum. Thank you for providing this giveaway, I have had so much trouble finding healthy soft drinks. Am so going to make this 🙂

  5. Sonali says:

    They all sound amazing but the lemon and fig sounds so fresh for these hot days we’ve been having!

  6. lara busch says:

    I am keen to try the cacao and coffee flavour sounds delish. Thanks

  7. Sophie says:

    Fig and Lemon! I haven’t seen it anywhere in shops!

  8. Jodi Sullivan says:

    Lemon & fig sounds yummy 🙂

  9. It’s going to have to cacao and coffee!! Two of my favourite flavours! I haven’t tried any of these though, so would be happy with any flavour 🙂 xo

  10. Courtney says:

    The Lemon & Fig flavour sounds AMAZING!!

  11. Lisa says:

    Would love to try the Cacao and Coffee 🙂

  12. Tanya says:

    Hard to decide but who can go past Cacao and Coffee? But that Lemon and Fig sure sounds intriguing too!

  13. Renee H says:

    Cacao and Coffee Bean but the coconut and cacao sounds just as delish – they all do!

  14. Lisa russell says:

    Cacao and orange would be my first choice but they all sound great

  15. I haven’t tried the fig and lemon ones yet so that’s my pick! The banana one is awesome! 🙂

  16. Banana, Cherry and Goji sounds like it would go down real well 🙂 though certainly the others would be close contenders!

    • Jodi says:

      Hey Colleen, you’re my lucky give away winner!! picked your name, yay 🙂 So I’ve sent you an email, please let me know your address so that we can post out that box to you asap. Congratulations, enjoy! ❤ Jodi

  17. Rebecca says:

    Oh my… I’d definitely LOVE to try the ‘Cacao & Coffee Bean’ flavour. I’m sure my husband would too… only I won’t tell him it’s ‘raw’. : )

  18. Katharyn says:

    Cacao and coconut sounds good, but lemon & fig sounds divine! Can’t wait to try it!

  19. Mel Stephens says:

    Yum yum I reckon I couldn’t pass up the banana cherry and goji but agree they all sound awesome.

  20. Sarah says:

    Banana, cherry and goji all the way.

  21. Astrid says:

    Looking forward to trying cacao and coffee bean if I win!

  22. Kathleen Baxter says:

    Cacao and coconut yum yum 😉

  23. Rebecca says:

    I love cacao and orange too so would love to try that one out.

  24. Hmmm… I think it would have to be all of the ones with Cacao!

  25. Debbie says:

    I love Emma & Tom’s products and have tried three of the raw bars with my favourite being the Cacao & Orange one. I would really like to try the Fig & Lemon bar.

  26. kerrianne says:

    fig and lemon sounds delish

  27. Narissa Hibbett says:

    Would have to be the Cherry & Goji for me!! FX 🙂

  28. zo says:

    Would love to try lemon and Fig 🙂

  29. Leteisha says:

    Yes please – orange and cacao!!

  30. Alicia says:

    cacao and coconut is the only one I haven’t tried so far!! Looking forward to getting my hands on that one :

  31. Karen says:

    I don’t think I can go past Cacao and Coconut. Chocolatey flavours and coconut…….yummo!!

  32. Lisa says:

    Oh I soooo want to try the lemon & fig! YUMMMM

  33. Claire Maxwell says:

    Cacao & coffee bean pleeeeease coz absolutely love anything coffee flavoured 👍

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