Why eating junk is *literally* a nightmare!

I’m at the business end of 2 weeks in paradise. Where I’m pretty much eating ALL the food. Despite a culturally rich heritage in whole foods and saturated fats, the beautiful Fijian people have, much like every other traditional culture, put their coconuts down in favour of popular western foods: canned vegetables, soybean oil and *gasp* “Flora”. Wes at the Coco Hut laughed out loud whilst cracking open my 5th coconut of the morning, as I explained that I must have Fijian blood – I eat that much coconut back home: coconut oil, dried coconut, coconut milk and coconut butter. Seru at the omelette station eventually had our plates waiting with “butter just for you” because I kept bringing him curls of iced butter from the buffet for him to cook our eggs with instead of margarine.

The strangest thing happened as I succumbed to the mainstream foods available and you will NEVER guess it…. As I threw down daily iced mochas and dozens of tiny white bread rolls, yes my waist and butt began to expand past the safe borders of my bikini. With every microwaved vegetable curry roti I smothered my face with, yes, I started to bloat and fart but the most bizarre thing of all: scary nightmares!! Being a South African living in Australia I’m no stranger to violence. I lived the first 21 years of my life over exposed to guns & violence or, as we called it ‘skop, skiet & donder’ ie: kick, shoot and bash. It took 12 months to stop having sweaty nightmares after escaping an armed robbery before we left. So to be enduring these weird violent and gory nightmares again, is just bizarre! I thought initially it could’ve been my playlist which made my sub conscious go there – but I’ve since been skipping my scary music the last few days: Fatman Scoop, Snoop Dogg & The Biebs and still, blood and guts… every night! So I guess you could say, the moral of this story is that junk food really IS a nightmare!

2 days left of this island paradise nightmare 😉 I will make an effort and push through my 5 daily fresh coconuts straight off the tree. I will force myself to enjoy the last few scary dessert buffets and moreish sugary cocktails, knowing that my green juices and bone broths will be waiting for me back home, ready to heal my gut. And restore my peaceful sleep once again. Bula vinaka for now, love Jodi x


7 Responses to “Why eating junk is *literally* a nightmare!”
  1. Bone broth makes it all all right! Those buffets are devishly tempting aren’t they!

  2. Jo says:

    skop, skiet and donder! haha love haven’t heard that in ages. You make me laugh. The ham I cooked over the festive season was a nightmare! did you see the pic of how massive it was, its enough to put you off meat for good. We’ve still, STILL having leftovers because we had to freeze most of it. Lets skype soon! xx

    • Did you manage to find a nitrate free ham down your way? I did up here, cost the earth but it was soooo good!! My freezer is still chockers full of ham too, lol! Skypies soon for sure babe! MWAH x

  3. Ellen says:

    I’ve recently been forced to be very strong with the buffet temptation as otherwise I spend all day seeking out bathrooms at short notice. We are going to Canada and the US later in the year, which will be interesting though we are staying in apartments for 75% of the time to make life easier for me and the 10 year old diabetic daughter. The upside of willpower, (and no cheesecakes!, ) was that the US trip last year meant I didn’t put on any weight. Bonus! But hidden mushrooms in Chinese food was my undoing.

    • Good to know I’m not alone Ellen, lol! I was doing SO well fir the first 3 days but those tiny white dinner breadrolls are just TOO warm and soft to resist and it was all downhill from there! In my defence… there really wasn’t anything even remotely Jodi-friendly to eat for lunch, it was pizza, burgers, toasted sandwiches, rotis or chips everyday… Sounds like you did well though, well done! 🙂

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