Planning a Healthy kid’s Party – Part 1

I am one of those annoyingly organised mothers who takes great delight and joy in planning my kid’s parties. That’s actually an understatement. It’s my calling, my happy place, something that absolutely love to do! I get it from my Mom who set the bar really high, she once made me a mini golf cake which I could actually play with and knock the ball into the hole! I’m certainly no Martha Stewart (not even close!) but this has contributed to why I’ve been MIA for a few weeks. Missing In Action… in Partyland! If you are a person who would rather donate your organs (high in Vit D!) than sit down and actually plan a party –  here are my tips and prep ideas which might take your stress levels down a notch or 2. This would be a massive post so I will break it up over a few days.

1. Choose a theme (licenced character, colour scheme, stripes etc) and think about how far you want to take that theme eg: Minnie Mouse – do you really need to hand stamp polka dots onto each napkin because you couldn’t find any pre-printed?!

2. Compile a guest list, then cut it back. This year I let my 5 year old choose who she wanted there, added on a few family friends and that was that. I even let some people know, who expected to be invited, that this year it was about her friends, and not mine. This included my mothers group whom I’ve known since she was 6 weeks old! You’ll be surprised at how understanding people are, I was!

3. Menu – sweet and savoury, hot and cold. With the theme of my blog in mind (clean, healthy, paleo) I put 90% of my effort into the food. Having said that, even before i gave up gluten etc you still wouldn’t see cheerios or bought cupcakes on the table. It’s not because I’m some sort of snob – I just get a lot of pleasure out of making everything from scratch. Same as the guest list, cut back from your original draft. You’d be surprised at how much food you actually need!

4. Games and entertainment. I always say that my kid’s parties are as much of a party for me. I make sure that once guests start arriving, the apron comes off and I’ve got a coffee in one hand and food in the other so that I can chat and enjoy the day as much as everybody else. With that in mind, I unapologetically outsource my entertainment – be it a jumping castle or like this year, I hired some young friends to dress up as Cinderella to keep the kids entertained for hours with crafts and games. I so admire those moms who really get into the games side of things and pioneer treasure hunts etc. With all the effort I put into everything else, by that stage… I’m spent!

5. Sounds obvious but start thinking of the party at least weeks in advance. This gives you time to shop leisurely for little bits and pieces like pretty cupcake holders or special party favours which are a bit different. Ebay is a fantastic source of party goodies – for very little effort at all or money, you can put together a really cute party with lots of ‘different’ decor, food containers/platters and party favours which will make a gorgeous impact.

6. Make a to do list – then break it down into time frames, especially the week before when I detail a daily breakdown of what needs to get done. It sounds completely over the top but this is what makes party planning so much fun and completely stress-free… because I feel so organised and not pressed for time, trying to do everything the day before! eg: I bake the cake a week in advance and freeze it while still warm so that it remains moist), I also make and colour the icing (naturally of course!) a week ahead and simply store it in Ziploc bags in the freezer.

7. Pinterest is an invaluable, free tool to inspire you if you’re not feeling particularly creative.  I can hardly ever claim my party as all original ideas because many of them come, in some shape or form from Pinterest.

8. If you see any blogs or website with ideas you like or selling something you want to buy for the party, copy and paste the link to a word document entitled “<Insert name> Party” so that when the time comes, you can easily find it again.

Next installment… my menu and the recipes for a beautifully healthy and delicious party!

2 Responses to “Planning a Healthy kid’s Party – Part 1”
  1. Marcia says:

    Love this article, Jodes! You are the organised little bomb! Well done. Found it informative and very inspirational. My 40th is coming up and I’m already making notes for all the things I need to organise and get done. Party theme or not? Hmmm. Couches outside? Definitely! Party food, despite my cholesterol free diet? Heck YES!

    • Marce, what a delightful surprise to see you on my humble little blog, yippee!!! Yes… some call it *air quotes* ‘over the top’, I call it organised! 😉 Hey listen, I’ve been wanting to talk to your gorgeous self and your cholesterol diet – I have an 82 page report on the subject, about how your saturated fat intake is not related to your cholesterol levels (don’t hang up just yet!) and how since the low fat brigade started, people have become more obese with more heart disease, diabetes (2) and worse cholesterol levels… It’s written by an international nutritionist with a long career in health and particularly ‘lifestyle’ diseases so to speak – I’ve met her a few times and have been to hear her talk many times. Her, as well as dozens of other medical professionals point to the fact that it’s not the type of fat but the quality of the fat such as grassfed meat vs regular, toxic grainfed meat, organic coconut oil vs manmade vegetable oils etc. There is so much researched, documented scientific research to back this up, just give me the word and I will point you in the right direction of where to do your own research. High cholesterol is a lifestyle thing but it’s not caused just by poor quality fats, but by refined sugars, preservatives, processed foods and manmade food like margarine and all the crap you find on our supermarket shelve with numbers and additives on them. Think about it, why would God make something for us to eat that will eventually kill us? It certainly challenges everything we’ve ever been taught about food and fat and arteries etc but I’ve seen it with my own Mom and Dad even – they’re eating more fat now than ever before,just the right kind, and are healthier than ever. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to share with you for a while, can I send you that report? *hops down off her preacher’s podium* 😉 Love you lots and lots!!! Sorry for the bombardments of information! Love Jodes xx 🙂

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