Chocolate, Children and Chuppahs

Better late than never… ages ago the lovely Jo from Quirky Cooking tagged ME for a Kreativ Blogger Award. What an honour! Especially considering it was her blog in the first place that got me onto my current food path, the road known as HEALTH, 3 cheers for Jo! The idea is that I tell you guys a few random facts about myself and then tag MY 7 favourite bloggers and so it goes on. *WARNING* This post gets a lot more personal than I’ve cared to be up till now, especially since Hot Pink Chilli is about my food, not my life. If you know me for real, I am an open book and have been known to overshare so I guess I’ve used this as an excuse to get a little D&M 😉

(Hover over the pics with your mouse for a caption)

1. What is my favourite song?

Probably “Happy Birthday” because I loooove birthdays and we go all out! Once, before we got married, I painted: “Happy Birthday Christopher, love Jodes” in 1 metre tall black painted letters right across my parents front wall of their new house…. granted it had just been rendered and was about to be painted so my dad actually had the idea and helped me do it, at 10 o clock at night!

2. My favourite dessert?

It’s kind of obvious that I am pretty much a sucker for anything chocolate but I have to say, that my all time favourite dessert is my granny’s super duper old-fashioned, passed-down recipe for Ginger Pudding with homemade custard. Of course I haven’t touched it since going grain, dairy and sugar-free but I did master a gluten-free version the other day using coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut sugar and fruit-only jam…. subliiiiime! Definitely another one to blog Watch this space.

3. What ticks me off?

My absolute deal-breaker, humdinger, most important value is honesty. Dishonesty, deception and lies in any form make me see red and I go cuh-razy! Warning to anyone planning to pull the wool on me anytime soon 😉

4. When I’m upset, what do I do?

Oh boy here we go. I’m a slammer. As in, a door slammer. Makes me feel instantly better! Bedroom doors, tumble drier doors, microwave doors and especially fly screen doors – they’re the best! Not my best trait I realise, but I do have a bit of a temper I’m afraid. I would never in a million years have gotten away with it as a teenager living at home so I seem to be making up for it in my adult years. NOT that it happens that often but I probably should find a different outlet for frustration… especially since bad food isn’t on the menu anymore (can you say “Ex-emotional-eater”?!)

5. What is my favourite pet?

I’m a dog person, although I grew up with dogs and cats whom I loved equally. Growing up in South Africa we had big, scary guard dogs like Rottweilers, Dobermans and Staffies – who were amazing family dogs though and so social and beautiful. Right now we have a gorgeous little 2 year old Silky Terrier called Lucy who is in love with my husband. Might need to keep an eye on that one…

6. What do I prefer – black or white?

White linen, black chocolate. Well dark chocolate, at least 70% so I guess that counts as black?!

7. What is my biggest fear?

Unfortunately I’ve already survived it 😦

8. What is my attitude?

Surviving my life tragedy has made me rather adept at not sweating the small stuff. As a result I’m mostly pretty easy-going, appreciate & treasure my close relationships and try get over stuff as quickly as possible. However, as a result I have a dangerously low tolerance for self-pity and drama (except a decent episode of Packed To The Rafters or Grey’s Anatomy!). Although, if you could be a fly on the wall at around 7:45 every morning whilst I’m trying to get my 3 and 4 year old’s beds made, breakfast done, teeth brushed, dressed and in the car you would be guaranteed to observe how exceptionally proficient I become at getting all wound up over ‘the small stuff’!

9. What is perfection?

Perfect Sunshine Coast weather. Me, my husband and our girls. Eggs Benny for breakfast (minus the sourdough but tack on some avocado). Followed by a day at the beach. Mooloolaba Beach and a stint of stand-up paddle boarding, yes please!

10. What is my guilty pleasure?

Really? I need to say this out loud, again?! Chooooooocolate!!! Always dark and dairy-free and preferably raw, sometimes homemade! YUM! Although, all that taken into consideration, it’s not that guilty after all *smug grin* 🙂

Ten Random Facts About Me

  1. I don’t have a middle name, and neither does my Mom! My granny has about 3 (Martha Margarita Catherina) so she wisely figured she had enough for everyone and my mom continued the tradition.
  2. My Dad is Jewish, my Mom converted to Judaism when they got married, then they became born again Christians when I was 6 years old and I was brought up celebrating Christmas & Chanukah, Easter & Passover, taking all the Jewish holidays off through school, got Bat Mitzvahed in a church and was married under a Jewish ‘chuppah’ by a pastor but involving every Jewish tradition you can imagine: smashing the glass and yelling “Mazeltov!”, lifted up onto chairs at our wedding reception, hebrew blessings, yarmulkes, Hava Nagilah dancing and more!
  3. Got married to my high school sweetheart in 2001 and we emigrated to Australia on our 1st wedding anniversary with nothing but a suitcase each.
  4. I was a Rotary Exchange student during my first year out of high school and lived in the French Countryside for 12 months, eating nothing but the best baguettes, cheeses, wines, croissants and other divine European foods until they had to roll me back home to South Africa!
  5. If I had all the money in the world I would spend it holidaying and eating my way around the world. I LOVE to travel and have travelled around: South Africa, France, England, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Israel, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Thailand and quite a bit around Australia. Get me on a plane again please?! Future possible destinations… more Israel, eastern Europe and Morocco!
  6. Other than my husband and a handful of exceptional girlfriends, my big brother is my best friend and always has been – since as far back as I can remember! Pity he lives in South Africa and I only get to see him once  year 😦
  7. I am going to be a great aunty! I don’t feel old enough. I should probably phone and congratulate my husband’s niece before I publish this, but then again I did only find out last weekend and she’s nearly half way through her pregnancy!! Chinese whispers GAW!
  8. My formal qualification is a teaching diploma and for my first teaching job I had a class of 48 grade ones for 2 years. In my first year we lost 25 parents at the school to AIDS, we dealt with the most intense emotionally challenged children you can imagine who on a daily basis were exposed to drugs, prostitution, hunger and homelessness. Very sad.
  9. I diagnosed myself with Leaky Gut last year without realising it and have started curing myself too… without realising it. Hmmm Dr Jodi has a nice ring to it don’t you think?!
  10. My first car was a 1972 Chevrolet Firenza which, one day, broke down on the motorway on my way home from work resulting in me having to drive home with a friend who I was giving a lift to, in first gear, unable to change gears (it was an automatic transmission) and was in the fast lane, desperately flicking my indicator up and down and up and down in the absence of hazard lights!! I’ve never been so abused before in my life… birds flipping, horns honking, angry faces swearing as I unwittingly hogged the fast lane chugging along at 20km/hour!! The worst part was the gear box cost me R4000 (South African Rand) to fix which was the entire amount of money I’d saved up for my pre-honeymoon clothes shopping expedition. My lovely Mom who watched me empty my lingerie fund so-to-speak then took me a fun and generous shopping spree amounting up to how much I’d saved. Yay for Moms!!

My 7 favourite bloggers in no particular order are (I really struggled to only name 7!)

  • Farmer K’s Kitchen (Fantastic original recipes, Treens also just happens to be my best girl friend in the entire world!)
  • Natural New Age Mum – Sonia comes up with some brilliant homemade alternatives to toxic commercial products
  • Get Zomt – you have GOT to try Zoe’s Peanut Butter Cups!!!
  • Getting Lean & Curvy – Clarissa’s the one who got me into weights, lift heavy ladies!
  • Nourished Life – I love Irene, she has a fabulous non-toxic online shop with everything you can imagine from lipstick to nitrate-free bacon!
  • Changing Habits – Cyndi O’Meara hardly needs an introduction, her book is fast becoming a health bible for 1000’s of people wanting to eat actual food
  • Wellness Mama – we had the tastiest Christmas lunch ever last year, thanks to a LOT of Katie’s grain-free, dairy-free recipes. Yum!

And for no reason other than cos I can, here are a few pics taken by the uber talented Kirk & Treens Photography of our family last weekend: My parents, my Mom’s mom (my afore mentioned granny), my brother, my hubby and our girls)

6 Responses to “Chocolate, Children and Chuppahs”
  1. Jo Whitton says:

    Awww Jodi, I loved reading about you. Teary from reading about your darling firstborn, but what a blessing to have God, a loving husband, and two gorgeous girls to surround you with love til you meet your daughter again. Thanks for sharing xx

    • Thanks so much Jo! I tossed up whether or not to go there but I am very open with Aliya’s story and if I can, in any way, help someone going through the same thing, then it gives her short little life meaning and purpose. Yes, I very much count my blessings now too. Lots of love, Jodi x

  2. Natural New Age Mum says:

    Wow Jodi! You are such a great and witty writer. You made me laugh and cry! So lovely to find out some more about you – what an interesting person you are! Sonia xx

    • Aw Thanks Sonia! I have had a rather varied life so far now that I think about it 🙂 Sorry to make you cry, but I do love to share Aliya’s story – she was such a huge part of our lives, even if only for a day. Love me xx

  3. Leteisha says:

    I loved reading this Jodes – feel like I know you on a totally different level now. Miss you and can’t wait to catch up tomorrow xo

  4. Kimberley Whitrod (nee Bennett) says:

    Congratulations on all the success with your blog, Jodi. You are a very heartfelt writer. I’ll always love your brother too 😉

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