Raw Sexy Sesame Dip

This recipe was an accident – not unlike when Sir Alexander Flemming discovered the anti-bacterial properties of penicillin, birthing antibiotics as we know them today. Yes, this was one of those GREAT mistakes. Wanna laugh? When looking up ‘great accidental discoveries’ to compare this genius recipe with, it turns out that most of these happened-upon-‘heroes’ are items, which we now know are no good for us: Saccarin, Coca-Cola, Teflon, plastic & radioactivity! Hellooooo?! You think maybe there’s a reason they were accidental… stop discovering bad stuff! Can someone please plan to accidentally discover something awesome, like a formula to win the lottery?!

Ok back to the sexiness of sesames…

1 Cinnamon stick (or 1t ground cinnamon)

1 Vanilla bean (or 1t vanilla bean paste)

100g Dates

Fistful of Sultanas (sorry, forgot to take note of the weight…)

1/4C / 35g Coconut oil

1/4C /  75g Hulled Tahini

3T / 20g Raw Cacao

1T / 15g Maple syrup

  • Cover dates and sultanas with boiling water and soak for a few minutes
  • Blitz cinnamon stick and vanilla bean in your Thermomix (TM) for 1 minute on Speed 9, set aside. If you are TM-less, skip this and add ground cinnamon and vanilla bean paste in 2 steps time
  • Drain dates and sultanas and puree them on Speed 7, for 10 seconds
  • Add remaining ingredients, included milled cinnamon and vanilla and mix together on speed 7, for 10 seconds. Scrape down sides of the bowl and mix for 10 more seconds.
  • Scrape into a beautiful dish (just realised I’ve used this cute white dish before, for my festive cranberry sauce – time to go crockey shopping, yay!), adorn with an assortment of seasonal fresh fruit, dip and enjoy. Seeing as this is a pre-valentines post, I know what you’re thinking about how else this dip can be used… mmmmm, sexy sesames…

This dip is nut-free, so great for the kids to take to school or for birthdays parties.

PS: I bake and cook a lot to taste, and as I go,  so feel free to add extra fruit or less tahini to your taste.

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