The Burger Beast

“What on EARTH do you eat then?” Boy, if I had a dollar… yeah, cos bread is the ONLY food ‘group’ on the planet. All you need is a little imagination! If you think about it, bread is just a means to hold together potentially healthy fillings, a pizza base is the gateway to unlimited delicious toppings and wraps are the perfect… well, wrap and I’m not talking rap, as in MC Hammer… dom dom dom dom, domdom, domdom can’t touch this!


Go above and beyond the-call-of-foody and wrap your food in veggies! Farmer K’s legendary Mexi Tacos are a delicious raw dish which have become a weekly staple at our place, using crispy iceberg lettuce leaves as the wrap… perfection. Introducing you to HPC’s The Burger Beast – versatile enough to prepare in advance and easy enough to assemble, when required – “like a mile-high, pastrami on rye, on the fly from the deli in the sky!” (Thanks Alex) just skip the rye of course!


1  Eggplant

1 Sweet Potato

Organic Ghee*

Himalayan salt

Dried herbs of choice (I used thyme)

Your choice of fillings, mine were:

Grilled chicken thigh



Red onion

Iceberg lettuce

  • Preheat oven to 220C
  • Peel and slice sweet potato into chunky style chips. Place in oven tray in a single layer and, using a pastry brush, coat generously with ghee then sprinkle over dried herbs and salt. Cook for 30 minutes, turning chips after 15 minutes. Keep on eye of these as the edges burn quickly.
  • Slice eggplant in 1cm slices, brush with ghee and grill on medium until just ‘al dente’ (and you thought you’d never use that term again, going paleo!) *Warning* If you overcook these, your burger will be sloppy and difficult to eat
  • Assemble your burger to your desired taste
  • Slather chips in home-made tomato sauce and/or mayonnaise (Belgian style – my best!) and dig in!

Variations for this burger are endless:

  • Grass-fed mince burger
  • Vego burger with a mushroom base
  • Pineapple & bacon
  • Black Forest style with Ham-off-the-bone with cranberry sauce and camembert
  • Chorizo, jalapenos & salsa, OLE!
  • <insert your fave combo>…


*Ghee is clarified butter which is basically butter without the milk solids. This is great for people, like me, who can’t handle much dairy as the ‘dairy’ part has been simmered off. It’s similar to coconut oil as it can handle high temperatures without changing its properties – becoming potentially carcinogenic eg: olive oil. You can buy ghee at most supermarkets or you can easily make it yourself by simmering butter, allow it to cool and then pour the fat into a jar and throw away the white milk solids left behind. As we speak I have a huge pot of ghee I made from raw butter (which I made from raw cream, you get the picture!) waiting to be separated. Ghee should not be refrigerated, it can be kept in your pantry cupboard indefinitely.

PS: There must be something in the air, if you head over to Get ZOMT and check out her Facebook page, you’ll see this is what she had for dinner last night without knowing of course that I was posting this today. Must be good!

PPS: You’re still singing that MC Hammer song in your head aren’t you?! *evil laugh* MWAH HAHA HAAA

8 Responses to “The Burger Beast”
  1. Zoe says:

    He he dinner twins! I love using veggies to replace breads and pastas – one of my favourites is using big spinach leaves as wraps. Yum this looks amazingggg!

  2. I love that we’re dinner twins! That means that if I keep eating what you’re eating, I’ll eventually look like YOU! 😀 Gotta first fix my knee so I get back into my gym, grrrrrr!

  3. I love this recipe! I remember feeling that way when I started to eat gluten-free and sugar-free….what CAN I eat? Once you get your head around it, it is quite easy 🙂 Thanks for sharing this delicious looking recipe! x

  4. Venessa says:

    This is an ideal dinner to make while i am on veg and fruit only. I will give it a go this week. Looks so delicious!

    • Thanks my Mamma! Yes, this would be DELISH with a large grilled flat mushroom instead of the chicken, with some goats cheese….. woah, I think that’s on the menu tonight at my place! Vego does NOT have to be boring, that’s for sure! ❤ you x

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