Maple Granola Crunch

Breakfast is my favourite meal to eat out, Treen’s too actually. It’s the one meal when you can unashamedly eat sweet or savoury, protein or grain-free-carby, with lashings of hollandaise sauce over dribbling poached eggs or tropical fruit salad oozing with raw honey … I could eat breakfast 3 times a day!

Being grain-free can be somewhat challenging when hubby wakes up and wants a quick bowl of ‘muesli’ before a 6am client. Enter the amazingness of…

Maple Granola Crunch

3 C /300g Quinoa flakes

1 C /220g Coconut oil

1 C / Maple syrup / raw honey / coconut nectar

3 C Chopped nuts and/or seeds (I like almonds, walnuts & pepitas and hemp seeds)*

2 C Mixed dried fruit (My faves are Medjool dates, sultanas and cranberries)

Handful of Chia seeds

Preheat your oven to 150C (Once my dehydrator comes along, I’ll be experimenting with a raw version, can’t wait!)

Melt the coconut oil and maple syrup together (on a low heat on the stove, or in your Thermomix for a minute on 90C, speed 1) and pour over the quinoa flakes.

Pulse the nuts and seeds, without the chia seeds, on turbo twice – to give a balance of textures to the granola mixture and throw (place, chuck: insert verb of choice…) them on top of the quinoa flakes.

Now for the best part… get your (clean!) hands in there and work the syrupy oil through the quinoa making sure that every flake is coated – the mixture may look too liquidy to you (it even had me second guessing myself!) but trust me, it all soaks up. If you prefer a drier mix, remember that less coconut oil = less crunchy granola. I like my granola how I like my pizza base, you guessed it… crunchy! On that note, I find that it has just the right amount of maple syrup requiring no extra sweetener before serving.

Bake on 150C for 50 mins, stirring every 10 minutes so that the edges and bottom don’t burn. I mix the fruit through after oven-time as I find the fruit ‘catches’ quickly and I don’t like burnt sultanas! I leave the chia seeds till the end too simply based on the fact that they absorb liquid like 100s of tiny sponges and I want to make sure that the liquid love gets spread around evenly – it’s just not fair for these little guys to get in there and take over… on 2nd thought just leave those bossy little seeds out of it, that’ll serve them right! (Clearly I’ve taking this a bit too seriously. Leave the chia seeds in, just add em at the end)

Once it’s nicely browned, take it out the oven, mix through your fruit and those autocratic l’il chia seeds and you are in business. My favourite way to enjoy this protein-rich breakfast is with lashings of almond milk, topped with as many strawberries and blueberries as you can fit in the bowl! My other favourite way is by the fistful, straight from the jar into my mouth!

*AMENDMENT: In the name of maintaining maximum nutritional integrity in my food, I now keep my nuts and seeds seperate to the syrupy quinoa flake mixture whilst it’s in the oven and only add them after the mixture’s roasted and cooled. This change is especially important if you are soaking your nuts and seeds overnight to remove the mineral-binding phytate – making them more easily absorbed and assimilated into your body.

This makes a gorgeous food-gift – especially in a beautiful jar bought cheaply from a charity shop, wrapped with a pretty bow and a tag – voila! Having said that, it becomes a significantly less-than-generous gift if you find the recipient has to pry said-gift out of your hands… pfft gift-shmift… that’s what socks and undies are for!

17 Responses to “Maple Granola Crunch”
  1. That granola looks amazing! Thanks for posting!

  2. Naomi says:

    Oh my how scrumptious looking! Do you think you could forego the massaging of the mixture and just pop it all in the TMX with the blades on reverse???

    • Hi Naomi, welcome to HPC ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, I would say you probably could but in all honesty, I love to get my hands dirty ; ) and find it rather therapeutic mixing by hand in this instance. Also, I make big batches at a time so you might not get even coverage fast enough if you do them in bulk like I do. But it should definitely work, gotta love your Thermomix hey?! Jodi

  3. Katrina says:

    I made this today replacing the quinoa flakes and chia seed with chia bran as I couldn’t get any quinoa flakes. Delicious!

  4. pilates evolution now says:

    This looks AMAZING!I am off sugar for the month of feb to give my gut a rest but cannot wait to try this after!!!

    • Thanks P.E. ๐Ÿ™‚ It IS good and our breakfast staple (as well as post-basketball snack for hubby!). Well done on going off sugar – does that mean honey, maple and fresh fruit too? Going off sugar completely changed my life although nowadays I do still have my treats naturally sweetened ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks so much for following and commenting! x

  5. naturalnewagemum says:

    I was just thinking I needed to make granola today…. will have to try your recipe !

  6. RebekahA says:

    How long does the granola keep in the jar? does it need refrigerating?

  7. Lisa Thomas says:

    OMG, I have just eaten dinner and am not hungry…..until i read this recipe. I just want to eat it now. Yum!

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