Can You Spot The Purple Tree Monsters?

We’ve just been on a 5-year-overdue holiday at picturesque Peregian beach. In between getting completely water-logged in the pool and sand-encrusted at the beach, I spent the week dragging my obliging family from cafe to coffee shop, all in the name of food research!

First on my list was Organika in Noosa – its wide, breezy deck looked so inviting! I’m typically pretty decisive. My husband and I are known to settle most big decisions with a game of rock paper scissors: Should we have a baby? Buy this house? New car? I’m not even joking…

Restaurants, however, have this unnerving way of rendering my decision-making skills completely ineffective which is how the 4 of us ended up with: flourless carrot cake, beetroot chocolate cake, raspberry muffin, a cappuccino, 2 x babycinos, an iced coffee on rice milk, a chocolate whey protein ball, Thai chicken burger and fresh fruit salad with bush honey yoghurt – for morning tea… I know!

The first Jodi-tummy-friendly taste-test was the chicken burger with sweet pineapple relish. It was a good balance of sweet and savoury with a hint of spice but… it had rice noodles in it, making it only gluten-free, rather than my prefered grain-free. My 2nd option was the protein ball: Unfortunately I found myself dreaming about Treen’s Cocoa Drops while i chewed and chewed (and chewed). In contrast though, the combination of Byron Bay Bun Coffee in all it’s “organicocity” with chilled rice milk and crushed ice made for the most utterly refreshing drink; while self-proclaimed caffeine-guru-hubby’s coffee won him over, the first of any organic blend to do so!

We went back 3 days later for a quick coffee and ended up with a sausage roll and a decadently divine slice of flourless Raspberry and Chocolate Brownie with such mammoth chunks of dark chocolate there was hardly space to stab your fork into! Was it gluten-free? Yes. Grain and dairy free? Unlikely. Sugar-free? I’d venture a guess and say no – especially since virtually the only photo i could get of it was with my youngest covering her eyes (rendering her invisible?!) and stealing the last piece!

Next up was Belmondos Fresh Food Market. It’s an infinite warehouse of specialised foods complete with an organic green grocer; gourmet butcher; a vast deli section with French cheeses and short-crust pastries; the funky retro ‘italiano’ style coffee shop and a restaurant. Not forgetting the overwhelming choice of coffees, teas, chocolates, exotic sauces, pastas and kitchenware etcetera. I managed to escape – my wallet relatively unscathed by a couple slivers of delightfully stinky soft French cheeses, a bottle of pomegranate molasses, some Fig Vini Cotto (not entirely sure either but curiosity got the better of me and im hoping inspiration follows closely behind!) and a super cute single chai teabag.

My last foodie port of call was the Noosa Farmers Market. It was a beautiful sunshine coast January morning prompting the best decision of  the day: huge frozen berry icicles for the girls, giving me time to do some exploring! My taste buds took me to a butcher selling gourmet sausage flavours like ‘Beetroot Merguez’ and ‘Pork & Guinness’ – all handmade & nitrate-free. Next up was “Lirah” where I bought a bottle of ‘Caramelised White Balsamic Vinegar with Lemongrass’, one of 10+ flavours of locally made vinegars. I was then drawn in by Sococo, a local organic coconut oil company. Theyre ‘socially green’ which means they share their profits with the local communities they source their coconuts from, in Indonesia. I particularly loved the look of their body products made with coconut oil: shampoos, conditioners and body lotions, good enough to eat (although a Coconut Body Lotion Chocolate Slice may be a stretch – even for me!) Beginning to chase the shade as the sun took hold of the day, I grabbed a bunch of fresh lemongrass and headed for the exit, but not before guzzling down a cup of freshly squeezed, ice-cold ginger & lime sugar cane juice. This drink was sublime and not nearly as sweet as it sounds – just pure thirst-quenchingness!

On that lucious note I’d like to share something that’s on my mind. For those of us who feel fortunate enough to have found our food path – whether raw food, vegan, gluten-free or like me grain, sugar and dairy-free… it’s too easy to get so caught up in the details of what we’re eating that we forget to enjoy ourselves. My biggest exercise hero, the Biggest Loser’s Michelle Bridges calls it “Paralysis by analysis”. You might be reading about my holiday thinking to yourself: “Gee, Jodi wasn’t very true to her <insert food type> free lifestyle was she?!” It wasn’t that I was ‘letting myself go’ just because I was in holiday mode. My life experience has taught me that I’d rather eat some grains or partake in dairy and enjoy the experience with my beautiful children and husband, than sit there watching them have a great time licking milk froth off their noses without being able to join in.  It’s about enjoying 2 important aspects of my life simultaneously: food and my über precious family.

Love and Hot Pink Chillis,


Ps: Can you spot the purple monsters in the tree at Organika?

11 Responses to “Can You Spot The Purple Tree Monsters?”
  1. Shara says:

    It all sounds delicious! I don’t go up that way often (ever), a bit too busy for me, but I’ve always wanted to go to the Noosa Farmer’s Market! Have you been to the Raw Restaurant in Maleny? Kaleb would never step foot in, but I’ve always wanted to try!

    • Hi Shara, the markets were absolutely worth the trip but pick a cooler day than we did as it can get really hot under the Noosa sun! I’m soooo keen to get to Kind Living Cafe in Maleny, forget Kaleb, we can have a girlie catch-up instead 🙂

  2. Shelly says:

    My goodness me that all sounded sooooo scrumptious Jodie!! I’m starving now haha! X

  3. venessa says:

    I’m so glad you got to go to Belmondos….isn’t it just fantastic! I just love the huge selection of cheeses, deli items and of course the amazing fresh fruit and veggie market they have. It all sounds so yummy and so glad you had such a lovely time together.

  4. Clairebee says:

    What an enjoyable read & sounds like you had a FAB hols hun :)))

    You are looking Grrrrrrr8 Jodes (:o)

    Mwah xoxo

  5. Leteisha says:

    I should never read your posts around lunchtime!!!!!!!
    Yes I second the Maleny trip – let’s go NOW
    My niece and nephew are sleeping so think it’s time for me to get creative with some of your ideas in the kitchen for afternoon tea
    Thanks for sharing your adventures

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