Bejeweled Breakfast Dessert

How can I even think about food blogging on Christmas Day? Tell me about it! After an experimental gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free and 99% dairy free Christmas-lunch-extraordinaire I am the only person left still standing. Standing might be too strong a word, perhaps reclining, almost horizontally is more accurate a description!

With Home Alone 2 in the background, Dad’s asleep on the recliner to my right, Mom’s snoozing with her pineapple coconut water still in her hands to my left (I better remove it from her hands… I can see her getting that knee-jerk reaction to the lure of deep sleep and covering her beautiful white cotton blouse in it) and hubby has fallen asleep on the floor of the playroom not having quite made it out the door for his Christmas Day surf! Only 99% dairy-free? Not that we’ve even managed to tackle dessert yet but I just couldn’t say no to a dollop of raw organic double thick jersey cream from the local dairy farm… who could?

Despite the ample amount of delicious, and deceivingly healthy, food that’s on the menu today I thought I’d indulge myself in some forward thinking to show off one of my favourite breakfast ideas. This could – nay, should pass as a dessert too… all breakfasts should in my opinion! They should also be easy. Who wants to have to concentrate on trying to follow an intricate recipe first thing in the morning?


Step #1: Find yourself a pretty parfait / sundae glass


Step #2: Fill it with Coconut Milk yoghurt. If you are not lactose intolerant like I am, substitute with your favourite flavour of yoghurt –  preferably full-fat with as few artificial additives as possible.


Step #3:  Top your choice of tummy-pleasing probiotic yoghurt yumminess with the bejewelled insides of a pomegranate! A tip to get those little suckers out is to cut the pomegranate in half and face the cut-side over a bowl, whacking the back with a wooden spoon. Those little babies should just come flying right out!


Step #4: Break some dark chocolate bark (recipe to follow…) over the top (my personal pick is with organic sultanas and macadamia nuts) and enjoy! This beauty-of-a-breakie covers your protein for the morning (a little goes a long way in filling you up), your healthy fats (instant energy hit!), your vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants as well as being textural and delicious from any angle you care look at it!

All of a sudden the-day-after Christmas does not seem so depressing…

Love Jodes

2 Responses to “Bejeweled Breakfast Dessert”
  1. Lexine Prendeville says:

    Jodie, where can I get coconut milk yoghurt?

  2. Hi Lexine, from most organic foodie shops. On the sunny coast I get it from Flanneries Organic Grocer, otherwise the Natural Food Store out at Forest Glen. I haven’t yet seen it any mainstream supermarkets yet. The brand I eat is Coyo. Thanks for following and commenting! 🙂

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